Business Recovery in Difficult Times

Mike Wolf

Mike Wolf

A must-read guide for every small business owner who finds themself challenged by the storms of change

MILWAUKEE, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Executive trainer and corporate executive coach, Mike Wolf provides readers and entrepreneurs everywhere with an invaluable resource to help keep their companies in motion and profitable during these unprecedented times.

With “Business Recovery in Difficult Times” those small businesses that have been affected by the pandemic and lockdowns can find smart financial strategies to get back on their feet, get safe and stay safe. As the pioneer of the 12 Kanketa Guiding Principles (known as “the science of small business management”), Wolf guides small business owners back to health who are vulnerable to the highly volatile, uncontrollable market conditions.

In this book, Mike answers frequently asked, critical questions that keep small business owners up at night. This information, used in global companies for decades, transforms today’s startups, and recovering small businesses into high performing companies that level the playing field of bigger players with deep pockets and considerable resources.

An excerpt from Mike’s book tells it all:

“Every business problem that exists, or has ever existed is the result of one area of a company out of balance with another.

All solutions can be found by putting the company into balance with itself.

Balance internally, and the external forces will follow.

Balance the company, and you will solve the problem.”

“This critical information is not taught in the most prominent top ten US. business schools. Without this book, it could be lost forever as younger generations move in and older generations move out”, Wolf says.

Wolf’s information is primarily intended for business owners with one to 30 employees. Having owned 26 companies of every type, size and shape, as well as non-profits during his career, Mike knows his way around the corporate scene and has first hand experience of what works, what doesn’t and why.

Businesses everywhere are praising this book “Business Recovery in Difficult Times”

“From my perspective through the lens of the banking industry, this book is revolutionary!”

– Michael Metcalf, Bank Operations Analyst, BMO Harris

“Mike Wolf is presenting information here that not only is in keeping with IRS Rules for compliance, but it makes my job a whole lot easier.”

– Robert Nettles, IRS Enrolled Agent

“The practices here are keeping our company safe and growing while the industry struggles with huge price fluctuations. I recommend this book to every small business owner.”

– Ed Puzia, President, AAA Pipe and Fittings

About the Author

Since 1965, Mike Wolf served as a speech writer, trainer, executive coach and consultant to CEOs and Senior Management of Global Fortune 1,000 enterprises. During his career, he created hundreds of national marketing campaigns for U.S. and offshore companies. Mike’s extensive background across many industries, from manufacturing, to service, retail, trade and non-profits paved the way to KANKETA, “Journey In Balance”, a unique, holistic philosophy for operating a small business. Kanketa’s proven management methodology is not taught in business schools anywhere. Kanketa helps small business owner achieve personal financial freedom owning their own businesses.. Kanketa was gleaned from over a half century of working with global corporations. No one company provided all the material. Executives from seventy-two global companies went the distance to help me prove the outcome of Kanketa. Kanketa is commonly referred to as the Science of Small Business Management.

The mission of Kanketa Global Systems is to transform small businesses with 30 or less employees into high performing companies. The Kanketa system continues to create dramatic results in significantly reduced time frames for small business owners across the globe.

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