Jake Gyllenhaal Recalls Filming Love Scene With Jennifer Aniston, And Using A Pillow To Separate Them


Most Hollywood stars will tell viewers there’s more technicality involved in doing love scenes, rather than them simply being sensual and romantic moments. Sometimes those love scenes can get complicated when there’s an attraction between co-stars, and the attraction can be one-sided in some cases. That is what happened with Jake Gyllenhaal while shooting The Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston. Gyllenhaal recalled a pillow being used in a love scene between him and Aniston.

Of course, any guy from Jake Gyllenhaal to the guy on the corner had a crush on Rachel from Friends. That crush on Jennifer Aniston led to some parameters for her and Gyllenhaal’s intimate scene in The Good Girl. Thinking back on his experience shooting the indie drama, the Oscar nominee revealed how a certain precaution was taken for the intimate scene:

I do remember a pillow. Yeah, the pillow technique was used. That was just preemptive, and used — generally, always — when actually in a horizontal place in that movie. Everything else is whatever it was. I remember those two characters did a lot of making out on like, boxes in the back room.

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