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Fashion designers are emerging from the pandemic in search of new moods as well as new ways of working to reflect the purgatory-like state of late 2021. With the help of American artist Josh Smith, whose ceramic sculptures and Grim Reaper paintings are portrayed in vivid, cheerful colors, Matthew M Williams has discovered both at Givenchy. They’ve combined their talents to bring Smith’s happy-freaky aesthetic to Givenchy’s spring/summer 2022 collection.

Williams’ Givenchy has a noticeable tonal change. Givenchy logos and patterns were inspired by the psychedelic palette of Smith’s Reaper paintings, with a lot less black and a lot more colour. Williams also reproduced pieces from Smith’s New York studio, such as an art handling vest fashioned of basic tailoring fabric and a simple mesh hat.

About eight months before they began actively arranging this collaboration, Smith and Williams met for the first time. Hundreds of pieces were delivered to the Givenchy ateliers in Paris after spending time in the artist’s Bushwick workshop, and one was designed with the other in mind. They’ve been working side-by-side in Paris in the run-up to the show, both dressed in Givenchy, to make last tweaks and brainstorm new ideas.


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