Clubhouse introduces new Music Mode feature, makes improvements to Search


Social audio platform Clubhouse is launching a new feature called ‘Music Mode’ on the app. Music Mode is a new setting that optimises Clubhouse to broadcast a user’s music with high audio quality and better sound.

“We’re introducing Music Mode, a new setting that helps you sound your best when performing on Clubhouse,” it said in a blog post.

“Whether you’re workshopping that new song, playing the piano, or hosting a jam session with your friends, Music Mode optimises Clubhouse to broadcast your music with high quality and great stereo sound,” it added.

Users will also be able to use professional audio equipment for their performance, like external USB microphones or mixing boards.

Users can enable Music Mode while speaking in a room by tapping the three dots and selecting ‘Audio Quality’ from the menu. They will then need to choose the ‘Music’ option to start their session. For users who are listening, they will also be able to hear stereo audio whether they use headphones, a speaker, or just their phone. It has also added stereo support to Clips.

Music Mode will roll out on iOS first, with Android soon to follow, Clubhouse said. Additionally, it has made some improvements to Search on the platform. “In addition to some under the hood improvements, we’re moving the search bar to the top of your hallway for easy access,” it said.

To start searching, users can scroll to the top of their hallway for the search bar. They will now also be able to wave at their friends directly from Search on iOS. This capability will be coming to Android soon.

The platform had launched the Waves feature last month. The feature lets users invite their friends for a chat instead of having them chat with the user right away.

With Wave, when users would like to invite their friends to start a casual chat, they can do so by waving at them.

To send a Wave, users swipe right on the Hallway or tap the dots icon at the bottom left of the screen. They can then tap the wave button next to the person’s profile that they’d like to chat with. The user will get a notification that they have said hello, and know that they are open to chatting.

If the user that has been invited is busy, users can join a private room with them, open just to the people that the person creating the room has waved at.

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